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"We're Small... AND we are bragging about such a thing..."

But in the DJ business, being too big means losing quality control. We have four professional DJs, with more than 15 years experience. "This is our business, not a hobby... you deserve no less."

DJ Coordinator:
Stewarts DJs do so much more than play music. We focus on making sure all of our events are a smashing success. Our years of experience are an invaluable asset to assure you a memorable occasion.

A Proven Track Record:
We've done thousands of parties from Weddings, Class Reunions, Birthdays, Anniversary Parties and Corporate Events.

We're people people, but we're not clowns:
A "Wacky" DJ maybe great for Children's parties, but adults quickly grow tired of a DJ who demands all of their attention. Most parties call for a DJ with a strong master of ceremonies skills and the wisdom to use his own words sparingly. You are the star of your party, not your DJ.

Master of Ceremonies:
Keeps things moving smoothly. We make all the necessary announcements clearly so that all your guests will know what's going on. You may have seen the DJ's that just won't keep quiet and talk on the microphone all night. We are NOT that way! Also, you may have seen the opposite of the spectrum where the DJ says nothing at all. We are also NOT that way!

Disc Jockey:
Reading your crowd and playing the right music. There is an art to playing the right song at the right time. Every crowd is different from the next so being able to read the crowd is an essential skill that an experienced Disc Jockey will provide.

Musical Knowledge & Variety:
Appealing to many ages and tastes. It is absolutely worthless to hire a DJ that only knows one or two genres of music well. Your guests will have many musical tastes, and there is simply no room for a DJ who sits there and imposes his/her musical tastes on you and your guests. An experienced and skilled DJ will take requests and have knowledge about the types of music being requested, from 40s to 60s Rock, 70s Rock & Disco, 80s Retro, 90s Dance, Classic Vocalists, top 40 and more.

Handling the details before and during your reception. An experienced DJ spends a good deal of time coordinating the details and working with your other vendors during the wedding to ensure a smooth flow to your event. The DJ is often the "Go-To" person for your other vendors, catering staff, and guests.



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